Creating and initializing a new AWS CDK app

2.1. Create a directory for your app with an empty Git repository.

cd ~/environment/
mkdir cdk-msg-app-backend
cd cdk-msg-app-backend

2.2. To initialize your new AWS CDK app use the cdk init command as follows.

cdk init --language typescript

CDK init

2.3. Install the AWS modules and all it’s dependencies into your project.

npm install \
@aws-cdk/aws-ec2 \
@aws-cdk/aws-ecs \
@aws-cdk/aws-ecr \
@aws-cdk/aws-ecs-patterns \
@aws-cdk/aws-iam \
@aws-cdk/aws-dynamodb \
@aws-cdk/aws-elasticloadbalancingv2 \
@aws-cdk/aws-codecommit \
@aws-cdk/aws-codebuild \
@aws-cdk/aws-codepipeline \

CDK install modules

2.4. Explore your project directory, you will have the following files:

  • lib/cdk-msg-app-backend-stack.ts is where your CDK application’s main stack is defined. This is the file we’ll working on.

  • bin/cdk-msg-app-backend.ts is the entrypoint of the CDK application. It will load the stack defined in lib/cdk-msg-app-backend-stack.ts.

CDK Files